Friday, 17 June 2016

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On 28th June 2016 I will present a webinar on "Risk Mitigation Using Exploratory and Technical Testing".

You can register to watch live, or the replay, over on the QASymphony website

When we test our systems, we very often use business risk to prioritize and guide our testing. But there are so many more ways of modeling risk. If business risk is our only risk model then we ignore technology risks, and the risks that our processes themselves are adding to our project. Ignoring technical risk means that we don't improve our technical skills to allow us to model, observe and manipulate our systems at deeper levels and we miss finding important non-obvious problems. Too often people mistakenly equate 'technical testing' with automating because they don't model technical risk. In this webinar we'll explain how to model risk and us that to push our testing further. We'll also explain how to avoid some of the pitfalls people fall into while improving their technical testing. 

  • Understand what technical testing means - it doesn't mean programming and automating 
  • Understand the benefits you gain from increasing your exploratory and technical testing 
  • What risks you are exposed to if you don't use Technical and Exploratory Testing. 
  • How to model and target risk from a technical perspective 
  • How to make your testing more technical without impacting your project 
  • How can non-technical managers can help their testers develop technical skills and improve their technical testing

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Monday, 13 June 2016

Released Text Adventure Game to Improve Technical Web Testing

Text adventure games are a great way to learn basic fundamental testing skills:

  • exploration
  • modelling
  • mapping
  • experimentation
  • tracking/logging
And they are fun to play.

So we've created a Test Adventure game designed to help you boost these basic skills and cross over and augment the basic technical skills and knowledge that you need to master for web testing: HTTP, JSON, Browser Dev Tools, URL Manipulation.

You can download a free single player map on the RestMud page.