Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Mercury Quality Center in "It Supports Exploratory Testing" Shock

I can't believe I'm about to promote Mercury Quality Center, particularly in regards to exploratory testing, but here goes...

Mercury appear to have licensed Blueberry consultants Ltd Technology into Mercury Quality Center as part of their Mercury Screen Recorder.
This is great news for any tester that has Mercury Quality Center installed on their machine at work, as the Screen Recorder is an addin that you can download from your add in page. (a submenu off the Help menu)
I had a quick look in the resource information in the MSR Recorder.exe file and saw the mention of BB Flashback. So I'm not sure which functional suite has been licensed from Blueberry Consultants. BB Flashback might just be the default name from which all components are built, certainly it looks like BB TestAssistant to me.
Here is the resource information that I found:

<description>BB FlashBack</description>
    name="BB FlashBack"
The icon sets seem to suggest that it is BB TestAssistant.

So how can you use this for exploratory testing?

The default use of the software in Quality Center is to create a defect in Quality Center from the movie.

But if you choose to 'Edit the movie before submiting the defect to quality Center' (yes I know there is a spelling error there, but the spelling error is present in the dialog above). So 'Edit...' it then you get access to a more common BB Flashback/Test Assistant view

And from here you can save, export, edit, annotate, etc.

I'm happy to have found this but I'm kicking myself for only discovering this now. So the main reason for blogging this? You have no time to waste if you have Quality Center in-house - start using the Screen Recorder now.
Obviously a more expensive way of getting the BB recording technology on your computer but, as I say, if you already have TD installed (I found this using version 9 - I'm not sure if the Version 8 recorder is based on this technology or not)  then you get access to one of the most commonly promoted Exploratory Test Tools.
I installed the Add-in from Quality Center using the Addins submenu of the Help menu. And on the install at work, I had to go to the 'more addins' section.
Now... at least to the point of helping me record testing sessions... Mercury Quality Center can support me in my exploratory testing sessions.


  1. So would you say that Mercury is as powerful as it's blueberry input? I am keen to find the best tool for exploratory/rapid testing and currently have colleagues using QC and mercury but with many issues in resolution and functionality. Thus would very much value your opinion on this a bit further please? Unfortunately the images on this page have not resolved thus I am limited in the probing of what you've found.


  2. Hmm, I haven't used QC since 2008 so I don't know if the recording tool has been kept up to date. Certainly the Blueberry software is excellent, and works on every monitor and operating system I've used it.

    Thanks for the pointers on images, I had a bug in my .htaccess file after moving to blogspot.