Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Online Course updates September 2016

In September and Early October 2016 I updated the "Technical Web Testing 101" online course and the "Selenium WebDriver with Java" online course.

Technical Web Testing 101
  • Added a lot of information (over an hour of video content) about using the JavaScript console
  • and writing small JavaScript functions for interacting with the web application under test
This is a very underused piece of functionality in modern browsers but adds a lot of power to your testing.

Selenium WebDriver With Java
  • Updated the Windows install videos Updated the Mac install videos Install now covers GeckoDriver and ChromeDriver Uses two new open source projects for checking the install
Selenium 3 changes the basics of getting started with WebDriver and with these new videos, we’ll have much less to update when Selenium 3 comes in. In fact they should ‘just work’ when you update your version of Selenium to 3.0.0

Upcoming talks scheduled for 2017

I’m trying to cut down on the number of talks that I do. And in the spirit of that resolution, I have only arranged 3 talks for the first 5 months of 2017.

I’ll be talking at:
I’m really looking foward to all of these.

Test Automation Guild is online, and I think we are going to see more conferences like this. I’m hoping that the format gives me the chance to do things and show things that I’d never be able to cover in a physical presentation.

Let’s Test wants to go ‘hands on’ and I’ve created the most fun and most hands on tutorial/talk that I’ve ever done. I’m really having a blast writing games and hacking other people’s games for this one, it should be super fun.

TestBash is one of the few conferences where we can present with attitude and humour, I’m looking forward to deliver something that might be controversial on first hearing, but I think provides a new view of tools and aspects of ‘automation’.

I’m looking forward to all of these.

The official sites are listed above. And the conference pages on this site, which will contain other notes and materials are listed below:

Updated the install instructions for Java and Firefox and Chrome in my online training course

I have updated the install instructions for Java and Firefox and Chrome in my Selenium WebDriver With Java Online training course.

For a number of reasons:
  • the mac instructions were never fully documented since they were the same as Windows
    • But now I’ve simplified the Mac install by using Homebrew
    • and now Mac and Windows instructions are detailed
  • we used FirefoxDriver to make starting easier
    • but Firefox 48 means that FirefoxDriver doesn’t work out of the box
    • so now the instructions cover Firefox Marionette GeckoDriver and Chrome ChromeDriver
  • Selenium 3 is coming along and will change the install
    • now the install is ready for Selenium 3
I know I will have to update the start of the course again when Selenium 3 does get a full release, but the start of the course has much fewer ‘patches’ and is pretty simple to follow.

On the course, the install instructions are split over 5 videos for each platform to make them easier to watch.

I have also released the install instructions on YouTube, where you will be treated to adverts if you watch them, but they are basically the same and use the two new Github projects I created to make installing Java and WebDriver easier.
startUsingJavaJunit supports the install for "Java For Testers" book.

startUsingSeleniumWebDriver supports the install for Selenium WebDriver With Java Online training course